Welcome to the CA&ES
Genomics Facility

The CAES Genomics Facility (CGF) provides campus researchers with genomics technologies for use in individual and collaborative research programs. The facility provides low-cost DNA sequencing, houses robotics instrumentation for liquid handling, colony picking and sample preparation, and administers computer hardware and software resources for use in sequence interpretation and related data analyses.

The CGF will also incorporate additional technologies, e.g., genotyping and transcriptional profiling, when technically appropriate and if there is sufficient need.

  • From bacterial colony to processed FASTA files
  • PCR products, plasmid DNA and large insert clones
  • Capillary instruments (ABI 3730XL)
  • Automated GenBank submissions
  • Clustering and BLAST analysis
  • Customized relational databases for data mining
  • Simple sequence repeats
  • Custom fragment analysis
  • Genotype analysis software
  • Colony picking
  • Replicating
  • Gridding
  • Rearraying
  • Liquid handling